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When these situations occur, it’s time to replace the lights! !!!

Have you ever had this experience: driving at night, the "high beam" of the oncoming car made you instantly "blind"? When making a sharp turn, the car lights suddenly turned off, which made you break out in a cold sweat!

Car lights may seem like a small part of the car, but they are the "eyes" of a car and are crucial to driving safety.

Some people may think that as long as the headlights are not bright enough, there is no need to replace them with new ones. In fact, when the brightness of the car lights decreases, the lights flicker, the color changes, or shadows appear, it may be reminding you that "it's time to change the lights"!

Brightness attenuation: When the brightness of the car lights is not as bright as before, and it is "not powerful" when traveling at night, and the normal smoothness of the surface of the lamp housing is sufficient, it may be a sign that the bulb is aging and needs to be replaced in time.

Internal black shadow: If you find a black shadow inside the car light, it may be caused by filament breakage or aging. These black shadows will affect the light-gathering performance of the car lights and need to be replaced in time.

Lights flicker or are abnormal: When driving at night, if you find lights flickering or other abnormalities, and you can hear subtle abnormal noises in a quiet place, it may be that the circuit is "losing its temper" and needs to be repaired in time.

Before changing the lights, be sure to confirm and confirm the model that your car is compatible with to avoid not being able to install it after buying it.

Secondly, the most important thing that cannot be ignored is the quality of the car lights. Be sure to choose regular brands and channels!

Car lights are the patron saint of lighting safety. As safety electrical components, their quality will not only cause visual obstruction when driving, but also affect the stability and safety of the vehicle circuit!

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